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Chris Norman Live on stage

June 15th 2023 Arena Cluj-Napoca (Romania) Tickets


June 30,2023 Basel (Switzerland) Tickets

July 2,2023 München (Germany) Tollwood Festival  Tickets

July 04,2023  Beelitz (Germany)


July 7th,2023 Munzenried (Switzerland) Tickets

July 18,2023 Kaltern (Süd Tirol)

July 28th,2023 Liberec /Czech Republic) Tickets

August 04,2023 Treungen (Norway) Tickets

August 05,2023 Gressig (Norway) Tickets

August 12,2023 Holstebro

August 27th , 2023
Nitra, Kosice (Slowakia
) Tickets

August 29,2023 Kosice (Slowakia)



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