... that Chris has more than 20 guitars?...

... that together with Alan and Terry Chris supported

    the former Abba Singer Agnetha Fältskog as

    background singer on her first Solo    

    Album “Wrap your arms around me” in 1983?

... that Smokie did also the background singing for the Album

    “Donovan” in 1977?

... Chris produced the Album “This time” of the English national

    Football Team in 1982?

... that Chris did Duetts with several artists like Suzi Quatro,

    Shary Belafonte, Bonnie Bianco or Nino de Angelo?

... that you can watch Chris as an “actor” in the TV Movie

    “Der Schattenmann”?

... that Chris did the song “Come together” for a cinema

    commercial spot?

... that Chris won the “Comebackshow” on German TV in 2004?

... that Chris is Ambassador for a children’s hospice in Germany?

... that Chris has his own “Star” on the “Walk of Fame” in                    


... that Chris is an actor in the film "Selbstgespäche"?

...Chris 2019 contributed the song "Battle of the sexes" to Bonnie Tyler's album "Between the earth and the stars" , which she sings together with Rod Stewart?


                                   to be continued....

Chris Norman Live on stage


Dec.01, 2022 HVS Compound, Patsoi, Imphal, Manipur. Indien



Me`gong Festival Venue: Baljek Airport (Non Functional), Tura, Meghalaya. Indien
Free entrance

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