As already mentioned, Chris Norman was born on 25 October 1950 in Redcar/GB.
As his parents were professional artists they often had engagements all over England and the family had to move frequently, so Chris grew up in different cities and visited 8 schools. In St. Bede's Grammar School in Bradford he finally met his later band colleagues. The desire to become as successful as his great idols the Beatles grew, so that he, although he was a very good student, left school at the age of 16 and together with his friends Alan and Terry devoted to music. He tried several jobs to earn money e.g.  in a glass factory, but music did not get out of his mind and so he began to travel through Britain with the band in the late '60s.
It was in 1968, while Chris and the band had played live in the small Scottish town of Elgin when he met his dream woman, and from this moment on, both are inseparable till the present day. Linda and Chris are happily married since 16th of March 1970 which certainly is very rare to find in showbusiness. The two have 5 children: 

Brian, born 28th of July 1968 (Brian died tragically in a motor accident in October 2001 and left his long time life partner Sarah and their daughter Danielle, who made Chris and Linda grandgrandparents already:-) )

Paul, born on 25th of May 1972 

Michael, born 20th of January 1984

 Steven, date of birth 27th of April 1986

 Susan, born 4th of April 1991 

Since 1986 the family lives on the Isle of Man, a beautiful small island between England and Ireland. There, Chris has his own studio in his house and works on new songs for himself and other artists. Chris is a real family man and enjoys nothing more than spending his free time with his family. He likes reading, watching football games on television and working on new songs. Together with his daughter Susan, Chris already recorded some Songs for her first album. Website Susan Norman       

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