He's the "Man without words" and he rocks the stage with Chris for many years.

Geoff is a brilliant guitar player and he's coolness is almost legendary...

* born in Mönchengladbach/Germany Martina started playing the piano at the age of 7. After having past her A-Level, she started studying classical music at the Robert-Schumann Academy in Düsseldorf/Germany, where she finished her studies as a classical concert pianist.There she also got to know with Burkhard Kerkeling with whom she’s doing concerts as piano duo worldwide. One of her highlights definitely has been a performance in New Yorks’s Carnegie Hall!) She also won several international prices. Martina also plays the clarinet and accordion.

* born in Munich/Germany, grown up in Rome/Italy. He already started playing the drums at the age of 12 .With 21 he went to New York where he studied at the NY drummers collective and made his exam in 1999.
A quote from Dorino who already played with several artists before:
“It really doesn’t matter what, where or with whom I already played.
Only music counts and the feeling to get a goose flesh if the song is
played well.
That’s what music is about”!

* born in Munich/Germany. Axel is a professional musician since 1992 and he’s the bass player in Chris’s band. For many years Axel played in the “Wolfgang Petry Band” and has very large stage experience with more than 2000 live performances till today.

Born in Georgia USA Pam knew at an early age that her dreams were going to take her to the country music City No 1 Nashville and then to see the world.

The one day, her dream came true was, when Pam got a phone call from Nashville which changed her career forever.

Pam has toured the United States and now she has made her mark in Europe with her music. Her latest CD “A Part of Me” has done well on radio and has kept her busy touring with her band and playing festivals with Dale Watson, The Bellamy Brothers and The Mavericks.

George is not a member of the band but he is a permanent member of the Chris Norman Crew for many years. George and Chris know each other since 1976. He is Chris road manager and is responsible for the proper conduct of a tour. He loves Asian food and white wine spritzer, enjoys reading and loves travelling. Chris and George have a longstanding and deep friendship

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March 12,2021 Liberec (Czech Republic) Tickets

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June 25, 2021 Summerstage Festival Basel (Switzerland)

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Sept.3, 2021 Warsaw (Poland)

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"Die Schwalm rockt"

Tourverschiebung !           The 70th Birthday Tour 2021 Germany

30.04.2021 Halle /Saale
01.05.2021 Hannover
02.05.2021 Magdeburg
04.05.2021 Dresden
05.05.2021 Erfurt
08.05.2021 Berlin
10.05.2021 Chemnitz
11.05.2021 Zwickau
12.05.20212 Leipzig
14.05.20212 Frankfurt
16:05.2021 Hamburg
18.05.2021 Rostock
20.05.2021 Bochum
22.05.2021 Stuttgart

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